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Processing a rabbit (also called dressing a rabbit) takes some time and patience.  We used to try to do this on our kitchen counter, but it took forever, was messy, and was WAY too frustrating.  This process is hard to explain, so here's some videos showing how we do this. This doesn't show pushing the urine out.  Firmly press low on the belly to expel all the urine.  Failure to do this will contaminate the meat.

This doesn't show the gutting, which is pretty easy when the rabbit is hung.  Just pinch a bit of skin on the belly to make a start cut.  Slide the knife into that cut down the belly, being careful not to puncture the intestines.  Work two fingers between the intestines and back, and just scoop down into a bucket, bag, or on the ground. (Our dogs love the offal).

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