Hoppy Days Ranch

We breed HOPPY-ness!

Starting Out

Planning before buying rabbits is vital to your herd's success. Remember, these are living creatures just like your dog, cat, or child. They can't take care of themselves, so you MUST care for them daily. Depending on the number of rabbits you have, this can take up to several hours per day. Missing days can mean illnesses or the death of your rabbits. That said, rabbits are among the easiest animals to take care of.

Also, honestly reflect on your own feelings about animals being used for meat.  The rabbits you have, breed, and raise are STOCK.  Just like cows out in the pasture, these rabbits have a destiny to be on someone's dinner plate.  If you can't cope with that thought, animal husbandry is not for you.

Getting Advice

See the links page for sites we have found useful for information both when starting out and in the ongoing operations of our rabbitry. No doubt that when you're seeking advice, you will find dozens of differing opinions regarding nearly every aspect of raising rabbits. My advice is the same I give to new parents: listen to the advice given, consider who it's coming from, but in the end do what you feel fits you the best.

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