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Be Successful

You can sell your rabbits as pets, stock for other growers, as meat to your community, or to a processor.

There are many rabbit processors around the country. Each processor has its own requirements for rabbits concerning feed, shelter, age, weight, color, breed, cage conditions, and more. See a listing of processors as published by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) here. This site is a new processor not on the list. There may be others near you. Many processors are limited as to how many rabbits they can take and how often. Call them and ask if they are accepting more growers and what the application process is like. Some are accepting applications, but are not planning on adding any new growers in the forseeable future.

Check your yellow pages for meat processors/butchers. They may be able to point you to someone willing to buy your stock if you have been unsuccessful otherwise.

As with any other farming, planning ahead is key to being successful as a commercial grower. Each state varies on its laws regarding rabbit and rabbit meat. Our state doesn't require facilities or meat to be inspected, but some meat shops won't buy or sell it if it isn't. Inspections cost money, so research is key before you start setting up cages and acquiring stock.

Don't be afraid to call feed mills around your state to find the best/cheapest feed. This, by far, will be your largest expense. Some mills will deliver feed to your site at a wholesale rate if you buy it by the ton. This isn't necessarily feasible for one breeder to do. Finding others near you to split the cost will really help you save on feed. The savings can be $2-$3 per 50 pounds. This is a SUBSTANTIAL savings over time.